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Challenges of the 53rd and 27th Week Payrolls and How to Overcome Them

OnDemand Webinar (54 minutes)

Get the tools needed to overcome specific payroll challenges throughout the year.Depending on an employer pay cycle of either weekly or bi-weekly pay the calendar will have an extra pay date in certain years. This material will give the tools to make sure you know how to analyze and determine what items to review to make sure that the final payroll in the year is correct all the while working on normal year end tasks. Tools will be offered to help you know how to analyze your specific payroll process to determine what tasks need to be changed or modified because of an additional payroll. We will also discuss how to work with business partners to ensure an accurate payroll check and any necessary communications to employees. We will also review project plans so you know how to have a good one that can assist with those final payroll tasks and updates as well as review special pay or company specific payroll concerns that could affect the 26th and 53rd payroll process.


Dayna J. Reum, CPP, FPC, Dayna J. Reum


Analyze the Impact of the 27/53rd Payday

Project Plans and Should You Have One

Business Partners to Partner With

Technology Considerations

Special Pay Considerations