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OSHA and Workplace Accident Investigations: What Every HR Professional Needs to Know

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn how to effectively and properly conduct a workplace investigation while keeping the company protected.Companies must prove they have done their part to provide a safe work environment in order to avoid legal liability when employees are hurt on the job. OSHA regularly looks into reportable injuries, and many written investigative reports are used against the company because they are too conclusory or did not have sufficient information. Learn how to investigate the accident site, analyze the facts, recognize the contributing factors, determine the root cause, document the investigation, take corrective actions to prevent future accidents, and follow up with the completed investigation. Understanding how and why an accident occurred is key to fixing systemic and behavioral errors and to preventing them from happening again.


Julie A. Pace, The Cavanagh Law Firm


Tips for Completing an Accident Investigation

• Witness Interviews

• Written Reports of Accident

• Causes of Accident

• Evidence

• Determine Whether Expert Needed

• Learn About Self-Critical Privilege

• Handling OSHA Investigations

• Responding to OSHA Citations

Reporting Requirements


• Recordable and Reportable Events

• OSHA 300 Logs

• Workers' Compensation

• Insurance Carrier

Legal Consequences of Written Accident Report

Depositions or Trial Testimony of Accident Investigator