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Workers' Compensation Settlements

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Discover the biggest hurdles to your workers' compensation settlement and how to prevent them.This topic will help you better understand current issues that impact a workers' compensation practice and common issues all attorneys and stakeholders face. Reaching agreements, overcoming obstacles, and how the ACA and Medicare impact your case will be discussed. Learn how attorneys can overcome these hurdles and be zealous advocates for their clients.


Aaron Frederickson, MSP Compliance Solutions, LLC Shannon Nelson, Law Offices of Brian A. Meeker/State Auto/RTW Insurance Companies


Workers' Compensation: Settlements, Basics and Beyond

• Proper Evaluation of Your Claim: Calculating the AWW, and TTD, TPD and PTD Exposures

• Dealing With Troublesome Clients From a Plaintiff and Defense Perspective

• Preparing for Settlement Negations and Mediation

• Thinking Outside the Box - Strategies for Case Settlement

• Properly Drafting the Stipulation for Settlement (and Employment Release)

The Impact of the ACA on Workers' Compensation Settlements

• Understanding the ACA and Its Impact of Workers' Compensation

• Claim Shifting, Cost Shifting and Other Potential Impacts on Workers' Compensation

• Settlement Negotiation Strategies: Insurance Premiums, Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Using Medicare Set-Asides in Your Workers' Compensation Settlement

• Discussing the Issue of a MSA at the Time of Settlement

• Thinking of the MSA as a Contract

• Dealing With Settlement Delays and MSAs

• Educating Yourself and Others