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Defined Contribution Health Plan Update

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn about defined contribution health benefit plans.

Due to unprecedented demand - many brokers and benefits professionals want to know what is the future of a defined contribution health benefit plan? You will learn about the recent ObamaCare/TrumpCare develoments and their impact on health care reform and what it will mean to you personally for 2018 and beyond. Defined contribution health care plans strengthens the need for spending accounts. You will also learn about Retirement Health Accounts and HRAs.


Harsha Puvvada, MedPut
Rob J. Thurston, HR Consulting Group, Inc.


Defined Contribution Market Opportunity

Defined Contribution Health Definition

Reasons to Do a Defined Contribution Benefit Plan

Future of Benefits

Overview of Consumer Driven Health/Defined Contribution Health Plans

Keys to a Proper Defined Contribution Plan That Is Legal

Challenges to Implementation

Employer Paid Defined Contribution Health Objectives

Employer Credit Defined Contribution Health Strategies


Larger Employer Options