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ERISA Audits: What We All Knew but Forgot

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)
  • Make sure your retirement plan is in full compliance and know what to expect when an audit is scheduled.With the ever-changing landscape for employee benefit plans, it becomes easier and easier for an employer to fall out of compliance and risk exposure. Many employers mistakenly rely exclusively on their brokers and service providers to keep them legally compliant with growing complex regulations. When the Department of Labor or IRS comes knocking and looking to examine the benefits being offered to employees, it is important for an employer to be knowledgeable and ready. Join Rebecca Dobbs Bush for this topic as she prepares employers how to best be audit-ready. You will learn how to discuss the goals and purpose of a DOL audit; describe the stages of an audit; review requested documents; and recognize what is being looked for. Rebecca will cover key concepts involved in employee benefit plans and the DOL Audit process, including: Identifying priority areas for correction and determining materials that will demonstrate compliance; Ensuring documentation and procedures are in place to support compliance with federal laws; and Correcting any compliance issues prior to an audit to avoid penalties and expedite the audit process.


Rebecca L. Dobbs Bush, SmithAmundsen LLC


Goals and Purpose of a DOL Audit

Answering the Door/Phone

• Who Should Answer

• How to Handle Initial Contact

• Why You Are Being Contacted

Stages of an Audit

• Desk Audit

• Interviews

• No-Action Letters

• Management Review

Documents Requested

• Typical Requests for Pension Plans

- DOL Requests

- IRS Requests

• Typical Requests for Welfare Plans

What They Are Looking for

• Common Issues for Pension Plans

• Common Issues for Welfare Plans

Common Mistakes