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Legal Obligations and Liabilities When Employees Engage in Strikes, Protests and Absenteeism

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Be aware of your legal obligations when employees engage in controversial off-duty conduct.

Whether it's on the news, via social media or in the workplace, there is no doubt that political opinions, discourse and activity have seeped into our everyday lives more than ever before. As an employer just trying to run a business in this environment, what types of activity must you tolerate or excuse from your employees? When can you step in and say 'enough' and how should you do it? This topic will address laws protecting off-duty conduct in various states, First Amendment issues, the National Labor Relations Act and crafting effective policies to protect the company from liability.


Amber M. Spataro, Littler Mendelson P.C.


What Are an Employer's Legal Rights When Addressing What Employees Say or Do in and out of the Workplace?

What Policies, If Any, Should You Have With Regard to Employee Off-Duty Conduct (e.g., Social Media)?

How Do You Manage the Issues That May Arise When Dealing With Highly Political or Polarizing Employees?

Can Potentially Racist/Sexist Conduct Ever Be Protected (i.e., the Google Engineer)?

How Do You Effectively Confront, Coach and Counsel Employees Who Are Potentially Crossing the Line?

When Can/Should You Fire an Employee for Their Political Conduct and What Steps Should You Take Before You Do?