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Sick Leave Law in Oregon

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Make sure you are in compliance with Oregon's sick leave law.Join Tyler J. Volm as he explains compliance requirements of the Oregon Sick Leave law. Topics covered will focus on complying with the requirements of the current law, including who is an eligible employee, the minimum accrual rate, and notice and use requirements. On an employer-specific level, Tyler will also discuss rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees. Future-thinking employers who want to be prepared for statewide sick leave won't want to miss this update on the Sick Leave Law in Oregon. Learn more about the Oregon Sick Leave Law and other legal updates of 2017.


Tyler J. Volm, Barran Liebman, LLP



• Oregon Protected Sick Time

• Relationships to Other Laws

Key Definitions

• Parties Affected by Oregon Sick Time

• Key Terms in Understanding Sick Leave Law in Oregon

Accrual/Carryover/Use of Sick Time

• Minimum Accrual Rates

• Transitioning From Accrual to Frontloading Method

• Carryover of Sick Time

• To Pay or Not to Pay?

• Qualifying Absences

• Transfer of Sick Time

Employer Obligations

• Employer Notice

• Confidentiality

• Employer Recordkeeping



• Private Right of Action