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HR From The Ground Up: Minimizing Risk Through Effective HR

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Learn how implementing the correct HR policies and training programs can help you steer clear of litigation.

This topic is an excellent tool for the HR practitioner, or for companies who are considering formalizing their HR function. The material explores the purpose and role of the Human Resources department, from strategic partner to achieve business objectives through talent strategies, to building and maintaining HR structure for the organization, to providing HR support and review for employment actions. The content explores the policies and records that are helpful in minimizing the risks from employment-related claims and lawsuits, and how those policies should be communicated with employees and reinforced through training. The topic explores how the HR professional operates on a day-to-day basis providing HR review of employment actions, and conducting internal investigations of employment-related concerns.


Thomas A. Linthorst, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP


I'm in HR, so Now What?

• Role of HR in the Organization

• Employee Handbooks: Pros and Cons

• Critical Policies Each Employer Should Have

Setting up Employee Personnel Files

• What Documents Should You Keep in the File?

• How Long Should You Keep Them?

Share the Knowledge: The Importance of Training

• For the HR Professional

• For Your Employees

Applying Your Knowledge

• Application of HR Policies in Practice

• Workplace Investigations