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New Marijuana Law Update in Florida

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Medical marijuana laws have been sweeping the country - find out how Florida's new medical marijuana law will impact your company.

Voters approved of a constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana use in Florida, and the Governor signed applicable regulations into law. But what does this mean for employers? Many companies are left unsure about what their obligations are under the law, and what potential liability they may face if they do or do not allow employees to work under the influence of marijuana. This material will help explain the current state of Florida's medical marijuana laws and will provide some best practices for employers. Additionally, by looking at lawsuits that employers have experienced in other states where medical marijuana has been legal for years, we can provide some insight into the kind of claims that Florida employers may soon be facing as well.


Lisa McGlynn, Fisher Phillips


The History of Medical Marijuana in Florida

• How Has the Law Evolved on This Topic?

• What Is the Public Sentiment on Marijuana Usage?

• Are More Changes Likely to Come?

What Does the Law Require?

• Who and What Does the Law Protect?

• Do I Need to Accommodate Medical Marijuana Usage?

• What Impact Does This Law Have on My Drug Free Workplace Policy?

Best Practices

• What Have We Learned From Other States Who Have Enacted Similar Laws Before Florida?

• What Are the Best Practices for Dealing With Medical Marijuana Usage?

• Should I Revise My Current Policies?