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Right to Work Laws in Texas

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Make sure you are up to date on the latest issues impacting Texas Right to Work Laws.

Texas has long been a Right-to-Work state, with well-developed law on what that means for employees and employers. Learn about the statute and its most recent interpretations from state courts and the Attorney General. Distinguish right-to-work from the at-will doctrine and other labor laws, while learning about other right-to-work concepts. Finally, get advice on what employers can say to employees under the National Labor Relations Act.


Karen A. Monsen, King & Sommer, PLLC


Texas Law

• Texas Labor Code

• Policies on Union Membership

• Right to Bargain

• Right to Organize

Case Law

Status of Federal Law

Distinguishing At-Will Employment

• At-Will Employment

• The Sabine Pilot Doctrine

• Other State and Federal Labor Laws

Communications in the Workplace

• The Employee Handbook

• Communications With Employees

Other Right-To-Work Issues

• Noncompetition Agreements

• Harassment and Discrimination