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Workers' Compensation Law Update in Colorado

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Get familiar with everyday workers' compensation issues in Colorado.Workers' Compensation (WC) is a complicated and often frightening area that can be difficult to understand for all the parties involved; the injured worker, the employer, physicians, risk managers - even those with only a minimal understanding of what it is. This topic will assist the parties in their understanding of specific and important WC concepts, with a focus on the distribution of vital information as well as the practical application of such knowledge to real-world employment situations. You will become familiar with everyday WC issues and current and long-term strategies for working with the same. It is anticipated that you will leave this topic with a desire to tackle any WC dilemma with a fresh and positive approach.


James B. Fairbanks, Esq., Treece, Alfrey, Musat & Bosworth, P.C.


Return to Work

• Temporary Total Disability - What Is It? Why Is It Important to the Expense of the Claim?

- Amounts

- Effect on Bottom Line

- What Can You Do to Avoid?

• Offers of Modified Duty - Colorado Rule 6

• Practical Effects of Returning to Work

- Pros vs. Cons

Medical Benefit Management

• What Is It? Why Is It Important to Know?

• Who Selects the Physician for Treatment?

- Rules

- Employer Requirements

• How Do Referrals Work?

• What Kind of Benefits Are Covered?

• Applicability to Non-WC Areas

• Long-Term Care

Permanent Disability

• What Is It? Why Do You Need to Know It?

• Impairment Ratings

- Why Is There Math in This Exam?

- Sticker Shock

- AMA Guidelines

• Rehabilitation and Its Effect on Such Claims

• Long Term Strategies