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Florida Reemployment Tax Updates

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the Florida Reemployment Tax and avoid costly penalties.Many payroll and human resources departments struggle with administering the Florida Reemployment Tax. It is often difficult to determine who is a covered employee and what are considered covered wages subject to the tax. When employing entities merge it is often difficult to know exactly what notification is required to the state. Not-for-profit employers may benefit from making the election to file under the reimbursement option. They often do not know how to compute the potential benefit and make the election. Payroll and human resources departments often do not timely file protests of claims or make the correct notifications when employing entities are merged resulting in penalties and interest assessments. This topic helps the persons responsible for determining taxable wages and tax rates to pay the correct Florida Reemployment Tax, whether they are employing a traditional workforce, agricultural workers, domestic workers or are a not-for-profit employer. The topic will explain how to determine who is a covered employee, how to report merging of employing entities or moving of employees among related entities. The topic will also explain how to make elections for common paymaster reporting and reimbursable reporting. Failing to properly complete transfer of employees or to timely dispute unemployment claims may result in additional tax, penalties and interest. This information will help payroll and human resource departments better understand and administer the Florida Reemployment Tax and avoid penalties and time consuming responses to follow up questions from the state.


Mary H. Angelbeck



• What Is the State Unemployment Tax Act?

• What Is the Federal Unemployment Tax Act?

• Classification of Workers

Specific Employer Types

• Nonprofit Employer

• Household Employers

• Agricultural Employers

• Voluntary Coverage

Tax and Wage Reporting

• Tax Wage Base

• Employer Tax Rates

• Computing Taxable Wages

• Exempt Wages

• Payments and Reporting

Other Form Florida Reemployment Tax Considerations

• Reimbursement Option

• Successor Employers

• Common Paymaster

• Employee Leasing Companies