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Transitioning Veterans in the Workplace

OnDemand Webinar (82 minutes)

Learn how to successfully transition veterans into the workplace and reach full potential of their talents.This topic will provide insight into why hiring veterans is good business. This population is transitioning from active service to employment. While it can be difficult to accurately describe a large group, the topic will educate on key attributes demonstrated by veterans. Additionally, we will explore their avenues to employment and how various venues serve and assist veterans transitioning to civilian work. And lastly, the interaction and experiences of vocational counselors with veterans and employers in the workplace will illustrate successful transitions.


Eric Bensch, M.A., OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. Cloie B. Johnson, M.Ed., CCM, ABVE-D, OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. Jessica Lehman, OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. Leesa M. Sjolin, OSC Vocational Systems, Inc.


General Introduction, Service Member Characteristics, Demonstrated Attributes, and General Information and Facts About This Population

Vocational Services Provided to Veterans Including Career Planning, Observations of Employer Hiring, Facilitating Workers With Changes to Career After Injury

Transition Services for Veterans Provided by Contracted Counselors to the Veterans Administration

D1 - Chapter 36 - Initial Educational and Vocational Assessment

• When Does This Occur?

• What Does This Entail?

• Real Life Examples of Developed Goals and Outcomes

A-1 Chapter 31 Complete Initial Evaluation

• When Does This Occur?

• What Does This Entail?

• Real Life Examples of Developed Goals and Outcomes

Additional Interactions of Service Members With Employers and Vocational Counselors in the Workplace for Success



• Job Placement

• Transition From Military Life to the Civilian Workplace

• PTSD Considerations and Strategies