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Internet and Email: Monitoring Employee Conduct

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Make sure your employees remain productive while avoiding legal pitfalls of monitoring employee's internet and email usage in the workplace.The development of new technology in recent years has created the ability to access seemingly limitless information resources and has changed irrevocably the way business is conducted. Companies literally have the world at their fingertips. The ever increasing developments in technology will only add to the level of access to information that companies can collect and consequently use. The communication and information advancements of the "infotech age" (email, blogging, instant messaging, social networking sites) have spawned a myriad of societal issues, including important legal, moral and ethical questions. Privacy rights have been the focus of much media attention and affect not only our individual lives, but our workplace relations. Employers must balance employee privacy rights with the legitimate need to know what is going on in the workplace and to ensure employees are conducting themselves appropriately over the employer's electronic communications systems.


L. Julius M. Turman, Reed Smith LLP Eric M. Walder, Reed Smith LLP


Social Media and the Workplace: Effectively Monitoring Employee Use

• How Monitoring Helps

• Employer Use Restrictions

• Drafting Effective Policies

Monitoring Communications on Employee-Provided Devices: Whose Message Is It Anyway?

• Computer Privacy in the Digital Age

• Effect of the ECPA in Today's World

Bring Your Own Device Policies - and All the Issues They Bring Along With Them

• Privacy and Security Issues

• Best Practices

• Cost-Benefit Analysis - Does It Make Sense for Your Company?

Common Sense Approaches to Email and Internet Monitoring

• Risks of Failing to Monitor

• Risks of "Overmonitoring"

• Best Practices for Policy Creation

Workplace Surveillance

• Workplace Searches and the Battle for Common Sense

• Surveillance (e.g. GPS Tracking, Video, Call Tapping)

Privacy Obligations Under CBAs

• Additional Considerations When Working With CBAs