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Fundamentals of an Employee Recognition Program

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn the importance of a well implemented employee recognition program to help your organization succeed.Employees are an organization's most valuable resource, yet according to Gallup, only 32.5 percent of employees are engaged in the U.S. workforce. This poses a great threat to your organization's success. Low levels of employee engagement are estimated to cost the U.S. economy about $370 billion a year. Some organizations respond by launching recognition programs, many of which fail to deliver the desired results, due to poor planning or limited communications. This topic will explain the steps associated with the development of a successful employee recognition program, one that, regardless of budget, will support the culture, objectives and core values of their organization. This topic will start by revealing the type of data required before a program can be developed, then how to move into the design phase, discuss how the right rewards mix will motivate participants and finally recap with a best practices overview.


Deb Broderson,


Session Introduction

• Discussion Points

• History of Employee Recognition

• Recognition vs. Reward

Getting Started

• Developing a Program Baseline

• Assigning Financial Value

• Establishing a Committee

• Developing Objectives

Designing an Employee Recognition Program

• Determining Promotion Categories and Eligibility Criteria

• Developing a Nomination Process

• Making the Manager Successful

• Keeping the Program Meaningful

• Developing a Communications Plan

The Rewards Mix

• Using the Science of Motivation

• Understanding the Impact of Choice

• Developing the Right Reward Options


• Employee Recognition Best Practices