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Mastering the Legal Requirements for Employer Reimbursement of Work-Related Expenses

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Understand how to draft and implement compliant employee expense policies that will avoid legal liability.This topic will lead you through the legal framework requiring employers to reimburse the work-related expenses of their employees. You will learn how to establish and implement compliant policies and to avoid legal liability for individual and class-wide claims. This topic will cover the laws which govern employee reimbursement and which individuals are entitled to reimbursement. Learn how to avoid scams, cheating and common expense reimbursement mistakes. Gain a better understanding of the tax implications of different reimbursement programs.


Brian F. Van Vleck, Esq., Van Vleck Turner & Zaller, LLP


What Legal Exposures May Result From Improper Reimbursement Policies?

• State and Federal Laws Mandating Reimbursement

• Impact of Under-Reimbursement on Wage and Hour Laws

• Potential Class Action Liability

Who Is Entitled to Reimbursement?

• Contractors vs. Employees

• Managers vs. Workers

• Salespeople

What Employee Expenses Must Be Reimbursed?

• Defining Work-Related"Expenses

• Defining Reasonable Expenses

• Common Expense Reimbursement Issues

- Mileage and Travel Expenses

- Use of Personal Cell Phones, Computers and Printers

- Internet Access

- Training and Education Programs

- Costs of Insurance

- Tools, Uniforms, and Special Clothing

- Damages to Property

- Legal Fees

How Should an Employer Internally Calculate and Process Employee Reimbursement Requests?

• May Advance Authorization Be Required?

• What Amount of Verification May Be Required From the Employee?

• To What Extent May Employers Use a Lump Sum or Stipend to Reimburse Expenses?

• How Long Can Employers Take to Reimburse Expenses?

• What Records of Expense Reimbursement Must the Employer Keep?

• How Does Expense Reimbursement Affect Payroll Requirements?