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Planning Your Employee Party: Keys to a Celebration Without Litigation

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Don't set yourself up for potential litigation with a company party.

Company parties can be a great opportunity for employers to boost employee morale and foster workplace camaraderie. Unfortunately, these same parties can provide an outlet for inappropriate behavior and can potentially expose the company to liability. This ondemand course will help you target potential sources of liability and proactively address them through policies and thoughtful planning. This ondemand course will also explore the considerations any employer should examine when deciding whether to serve alcohol at its function, harassment and other behaviors to look out for, and strategies for addressing issues related to religious differences. Don't let your company's party leave you with the gift of unwanted liability and litigation.


Matthew F. Nieman, Jackson Lewis P.C. Amanda Vaccaro, Jackson Lewis P.C.



Alcohol and Liability

• Should We Allow Alcohol?

• American With Disabilities Act Considerations

• Substance Abuse Prevention Policy Considerations

• Drunk Driving

• How to Avoid Problems

Avoiding Harassment

• Sexual Harassment

• Negligent Supervision of Staff

• Common Sense

• Policy Tips

Religious Issues

• Accommodation Responsibilities

• How to Address Employee Concerns

• Possible Pitfalls

Question and Answer Session