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2014 Payroll Tax Changes

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

2014 brings several payroll tax changes. Make sure you are aware and prepared to implement the new provisions and all that they entail.

Many of the long-awaited changes to payroll law as a consequence of Obamacare (the Affordable Health Care Act) become effective very soon. Unfortunately payroll practitioners are either unaware or unsure how to implement these new provisions. While this is not an all-inclusive on-demand webinar on ObamaCare, since so many issues remain unknown, this program will address a number of issues that are sure to impact companies. In addition there are other changes unrelated to the Act that become effective in 2014.

This on-demand webinar will explain the changes in law triggered by Obamacare and show payroll practitioners how to implement them. The on-demand webinar will also spell out the other changes that take effect in 2014. You will be alerted to old issues that could be impacted by these recent and upcoming changes.


Bob McNabb, JRM Consulting Group


Affordable Health Care Act Compliance Overview

• What Do We Know? Too Many Features of Obamacare Remain Unknown, but . . .

- Which Companies Are Covered?

- How Does the Employer Determine Qualifying Headcount?

- When Does Qualifying Employee Become Eligible?

- What Are Penalties for Noncompliance?

• What Is Unknown/Unannounced That We Need to Be Aware of and on the Lookout for

- Does the Company Plan Document Need to Be Refiled?

- What Contributions Are Required for Family Coverage?

- Is an Employer Subsidy Required for COBRA Coverage?

Other Changes

• Personal Business Travel Mileage Rates

• Medicare Taxes on Highly Compensated Employees

• W-2 Information Reporting of Insurance Benefits

• FSA Contribution Limits

• Tax Withholding Calculations on Supplemental Payments

Old Topics With New Relevance (Because of Obamacare)

• Contractor vs. Employee Classification

• Exempt vs. Nonexempt Classification

• Overtime Calculations