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Complexities of Multi-Jurisdictional Workers' Comp Claims

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Many employers face the prospect of sending their workers across state borders to conduct business every day. These employers often do not understand or appreciate the complications that injuries occurring outside of their home state can cause in workers' compensation coverage. This OnDemand Webinar will help the persons responsible for securing workers' compensation coverage for their employees understand the implications of interstate operations and the factors that give rise for the need of securing out-of-state coverage. Failing to secure the proper coverage for employees can leave employers directly liable for costs associated with occupational injuries occurring in other jurisdictions. This program is critical for employers so you can ensure your employees are properly covered by workers' compensation insurance.


James W. Heslep, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC


Determining Proper Jurisdiction

• What Factors Determine the Jurisdiction of the Claim?

• Challenging Jurisdiction

Multi-Jurisdictional Issues

• Benefit Discrepancies Between States

• Claimant/Employer Rights

• Claimant/Employer Responsibilities

• Tort Liability Issues

• Subrogation Issues

Prevention/Resolution of Multi-Jurisdictional Issues

• Election of Coverage Rights

• Obtaining State Waivers

• Litigation Tactics