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Minimizing Risk and Reducing Exposure on Workers' Compensation Claims by Off-Site Employees

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

These days many employees can work anywhere so long as they have a computer, a phone and a working Internet connection. This capability to work off-site has its benefits, but also creates some concerns surrounding workers' compensation. How can employers minimize risk and reduce exposure on workers' compensation claims by off-site employees? Join attorney Anthony Salvino as he discusses these issues and provides advice for best handling of off-site injuries, from initial reporting through litigation. Learn what the course and scope of employment means with respect to off-site employees, get an overview of the law through case studies and examples, and explore the impact of industry trends on off-site employment.


Anthony P. Salvino, White and Williams LLP


Course and Scope of Employment

• Overview of the Law

• State Survey

Industry Trends on Off-Site vs. On-Site

• Service

• Goods - The Traveling Employee

Employer Tips for Handling Off-Site Injuries

• Getting the Best Results From Initial Report of Injury Through Litigation

• Case Studies and Examples

Questions and Answers