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Complying With Pennsylvania's Act 32

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

The primary objective of Act 32 of 2008, effective in all counties on January 1, 2012, is the consolidation of Pennsylvania local earned income tax collection at the county level.  Act 32 imposes significant tax technical and administrative changes on Pennsylvania employers. However, many affected employers are still unaware of these changes and their responsibilities under Act 32. This OnDemand Webinar helps the persons responsible for Act 32 implementation and compliance to understand Act 32's new requirements. This program is essential for employers so they can better understand the elements of Act 32, obstacles to initial compliance, and procedures for ongoing maintenance.


Vito A. Cosmo, Jr., CPA, MT, Grant Thornton LLP
Matthew Melinson, CPA, MT, Grant Thornton LLP


How Did We Get Here?

• EIT Prior to Act 32

• Act 32

Elements of Act 32

• Standardized Withholding (Rates)

• Standardized Forms

• Single Collector Remittance

• Consolidated Filing for Employers in Multiple TCDs


• Employer Registration

• Certificate of Residency

• Determination of Act 32 Collector

• Form W2-R

• Resources

• Maintenance

Thorny Issues

• Transient Employees

• Out of State Employers

• Business and Risk Management Issues for Employers

Conclusion, Questions and Answers