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Establishing Affordable Short-Term Disability Plans

OnDemand Webinar (71 minutes)

According to the Council for Disability Awareness, 3 in 10 people entering the workforce today will become disabled before retiring. Also, 1 in 7 people can expect to be disabled for five years or more before retirement. Statistics like that should make short-term disability insurance a vital piece of your company's overall benefit package. This course helps the persons responsible for selling, implementing, and managing employee benefits packages to understand the importance of insuring an employee's income while implementing the most cost-effective and valuable plan designs available in the market place today.


Katerina Donovan Egan, Corporate Consulting Services, Ltd.


HR Trends and Challenges

• Rising Health Care Costs

• Aging/Multigenerational Workforce

• Work-Life Balance

• Ethnic and Gender Diversity

Who Is Buying Into the Employer Sponsored Short-Term Disability Program?

• Women

• Aging Workforce

• Sole Income Earners

What Does a Valuable Short-Term Disability Plan Look Like?

• State-Mandated Benefits

• Benefit Duration

• Salary Continuation Plans

What Industries Are Offering Short-Term Disability Programs and How Are the STD Plans Paid for and Structured?

• Education

• Manufacturing

• Financial Service

• Health Services and Research

What Are My Benefits for Offering Employer Paid and/or Voluntary STD Benefits?

• Increase Employee Productivity, Loyalty, and Job Satisfaction

- Education

- Wellness Seminars

- Improve Health and Well-Being