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Deductions From Pay

Live Webinar
October 2, 2019
1:00 pm ET (12 pm CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT)
1 hour 30 minutes
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Gain a better understanding of the FLSA and the proper deductions from employee wages.

What is so complicated about deductions from pay that it takes 90 minutes of content to cover it? Payroll companies and accountants tell you everything you need to know about payroll deductions, and in most cases, make all the decisions for you. Correct? Unfortunately, this is not correct, and the topic is remarkably complex. Each state has rules on deductions from paychecks. The Fair Labor Standards Act restricts deductions affecting the minimum wage, and there are complex rules relating to the salary requirement for minimum wage and overtime wage exemption. Do you know them? What is the best way to handle legally mandated garnishment, child support, and other government ordered deductions? How does an employer deal with wage advances, employee expenses, overpayment of wages, and other matters affecting employee paychecks. The law surrounding independent contractors raises numerous wage and deduction issues for employers. The purpose of this information is to educate employers on the proper way to handle deductions from pay. Failure to pay employees properly causes morale problems, and in most states, can result in double or treble damages and legal fees. If you have employees exempt from overtime, if you make deductions from pay beyond federal and state withholding, if you use independent contractors, or if you want to avoid liability for mishandling of pay, this material will provide the essential and necessary information you should know.

Learning Objectives

• You will be able to identify the different types of deductions.

• You will be able to review the deductions for the benefit of the employer and for the employee.

• You will be able to define the Fair Labor Standards Act.

• You will be able to discuss independent contractors.


Live Webinar$209Register Now
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