Seminar ID: 100485

OFCCP's Monitoring Adherence to the Internet Applicant Rule

Presented By:
Matthew J. Camardella

Jackson Lewis P.C.

You will Learn:

  • How applicant tracking issues are the greatest reason OFCCP audits are likely to go wrong.
  • What in your affirmative action plan will raise a “red flag” to the OFCCP that there may be applicant tracking issues.
  • Best practices for addressing applicant tracking issues before submitting an affirmative action plan to the OFCCP.
  • How the OFCCP can use your applicant tracking data to search for adverse impact.
  • How census data can be used to spot problems with your applicant pool.

This 10-minute preview of our upcoming audio conference, "Satisfying OFCCP's Internet Applicant Rules" will focus on how and when the OFCCP will monitor adherence to the internet applicant rule. We will cover what “red flags” are most likely to get the OFCCP’s attention, and how the OFCCP will review a company’s applicant pool. Finally, we will discuss affirmative steps federal contractors can take to ensure compliance with federal applicant tracking regulations.