Seminar ID: 100262

Hiring Practices – “The Right Person for the Right Job”

Presented By:
Angelita E. Fisher

King & Ballow

You will Learn:

  • Receive up-to-date information on the EEOC’s latest initiatives on using arrest and conviction records for hiring purposes
  • Obtain a better understanding of why and how the EEOC is using employers’ criminal background checks to show discrimination in hiring
  • Learn about legislative initiatives to limit the use of credit reports in the hiring process
  • Understand when you may or may not use an employee’s bankruptcy to make an employment decision
  • Receive guidance on updating hiring practices

From criminal background checks to using credit history as a hiring consideration, this webinar will walk you around some of the landmines in the hiring process. This 10-minute webinar will assist anyone who is involved in the hiring process to understand some of the liabilities associated with hiring. Learn the latest interpretations of the EEOC’s recent Guidance on Employer Use of Arrest and Conviction Records, when and how employers’ may use credit reports to disqualify an applicant and gain a clearer understanding of how hiring practices will need to be modified to defend the inevitable refusal to hire claims.