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Best Practices for Peer Reviews

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Learn how to implement a peer review system that can be beneficial for all involved.Peer review systems, such as 360 evaluations and mentorships, have the appeal of providing more feedback to employees without overburdening any one supervisor. While it seems that peer review processes should be simple and beneficial for all, they can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in poor morale, vindictive behavior, and toxic culture. It's a conundrum--people generally value and seek feedback, but they rarely report getting useful feedback. This content will look at peer review on a broader level in order to capitalize benefits and minimize setbacks. We will re-evaluate peer review as a two-way street between reviewer and reviewee, identify the common pitfalls of review, and counteract them. We will practice how to give peer review that is feasible, observable, and positive and discuss how to create a peer review system that is beneficial for all involved. Managers and supervisors will leave with tools to train employees to be effective peer reviewers and create a positive, collaborative culture.


Christina Moore, Oakland University

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