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Employee Discharge and Documentation in Virginia

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Flawed documentation is worse than none at all - Find out how documentation can minimize your liability for wrongful termination.

Whether supervising one employee or dozens, documenting performance and conduct issues is often a manager's worst nightmare. Although documenting is not a legal requirement, it can minimize and sometimes even avoid liability for wrongful termination. Purchase these reference materials to gain a clear understanding of investigations, discipline practices, documentation techniques, and discharge procedures. Don't risk expensive litigation - protect yourself and your company with bullet-proof documentation practices.

Benefits for You
•Find out what most managers don't understand about at-will employment - and its exceptions
•Establish discipline practices that minimize risk
•Properly investigate claims of employee misconduct
•Implement proactive policies to avoid claims of wrongful termination

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to review employment at-will.
•You will be able to describe how to conduct investigations.
•You will be able to identify wrongful discharge claims.
•You will be able to explain how to conduct a discharge.


Moderator: Raymond L. Hogge Jr., Esq., Hogge Law
Igor M. Babichenko, Williams Mullen, PC
Thomas M. Lucas, Jackson Lewis LLP
Kristina H. Vaquera, Jackson Lewis LLP