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Workers' Compensation Update in Indiana

Immediate online access to this 128 page manual.
Copyright 2013
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Concerned about how workers' compensation law is changing - and how your practices may be impacted?

Failing to stay on top of current workers' compensation issues is full of hazards - including lost productivity and wages, medical and administrative costs, and fraudulent claims. Purchase these reference materials and update your knowledge of workers' compensation laws while delving into more advanced areas, such as understanding permanent and total disability.

Discover the skills you need to guard against workers' compensation related costs and risks. Gain up-to-the-minute strategies you can use immediately in the complex world of workers' compensation.

Benefits for You
•Stay abreast of recent case law and trends in workers' compensation
•Sort through the complex interplay of workers' compensation with leave laws
•Get best practices to reduce costs associated with workers' compensation claims
•Understand the intricacies of workers' compensation settlements


Moderator: Randal M. Klezmer, Klezmer Mauldin, P.C.
Sonia C. Das, Lewis Wagner, LLP
Michael A. Schoening, Nation Schoening Moll, P.C.
Mary A. Schopper, Due Doyle Fanning, LLP
Ann H. Stewart, Ice Miller LLP