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Health Care Reform for Employers in Utah: Now What?

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Health care reform is impacting all employers - get the guidance you need now.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 which was signed by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court, is impacting employers and employees alike. These dramatic changes to the health care law call for action by all employers. These reference materials are an opportunity for employers to sort through all the information to get the facts on what is required, how to make the most cost-advantageous decisions, and what you need to do to avoid costly penalties.

Stay ahead of the game with a comprehensive knowledge of the most recent updates that affect you. These reference materials will answer your questions from determining full-time employee status, to options with health insurance exchanges, and health plan design possibilities. Order now to identify the steps you need to take to achieve a sound health care plan in preparation for 2015.

Benefits for You
•Know your obligations and when you need to comply
•Stay up-to-date with the latest legal and legislative developments
•Take away valuable guidance from our experts on key changes employers need to navigate
•Receive guidelines for plan design modifications ... what you can and cannot do

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to review Affordable Care Act basics for employers.
•You will be able to explain the role of the consumerism in health care.
•You will be able to discuss leveraging behavioral change through accountability-based wellness.
•You will be able to describe PPACA's individual mandate requirements for individuals and employers.


Moderator: Rob J. Thurston, HR Consulting Group Inc.
Stephen T. Hester, Williams & Hunt
Darrell T. Moon, Orriant
Lisa R. Petersen, Esq., Parsons Kinghorn Harris
Douglas Roland Smith, M.D., Arches Health Plan