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Workplace Investigations in South Carolina

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Gain winning strategies for handling the labyrinth of legal issues surrounding investigations in the workplace.

Whether the issue is a harassment complaint, a threat of workplace violence or another workplace dispute - prompt, fair and thorough investigations are essential in order to minimize your legal risk. These reference materials will provide you with practical guidance and actual experience in conducting effective workplace investigations.

In today's legal environment, an investigation itself can create new or increased liability when handled incorrectly. These reference materials will provide surefire techniques for conducting fair and legally defensible workplace investigations. Don't miss this opportunity to broaden your knowledge and protect yourself and your company. Order today.

Benefits for You
•Learn the do's and don'ts of workplace investigations - avoid common mistakes
•Practical solutions for addressing the issues most likely to be challenged in litigation
•Find out how to properly conduct, conclude and document investigations
•Learn the essential elements of an effective investigation
•Develop strategies for interviewing witnesses


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