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Fair Labor Standards Act in Maryland

Immediate online access to this 68 page manual.
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Are you tangled in a web of confusing wage and hour laws?

Employee lawsuits and government agency enforcement actions for wage and hour violations are at an all-time high, especially in Maryland. Penalties on even small errors can be extremely costly for your business. Purchase these reference materials and get the information you need to stay current on the latest rules and regulations and to keep your labor costs down.

In today's competitive environment, your ability to effectively, economically and lawfully manage your company's payroll is paramount. Purchase these reference materials to get the essential guidance and insight you need to avoid missteps in this minefield of federal and state laws.

Benefits for You
•Determine which employees are exempt from federal and state wage and hour law
•Get up to speed on recordkeeping and posting requirements
•Calculate overtime properly - every time
•Stay up-to-date on new laws and critical legal developments

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe who is exempt.
•You will be able to discuss what needs to be counted as hours of work.
•You will be able to explain how to maintain compliance with recordkeeping, timekeeping and disciplining employees for not complying.
•You will be able to review how to calculate overtime and issues regarding overtime compensation.


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