Employee Engagement & Commitment = Productivity & Profits

Mr. Pete Tosh
April 10, 2013 — 2,707 views  
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Employee Engagement & Commitment = Productivity & Profits

Today your organization is facing an economy that is recovering very slowly. As a result, you and your management team are probably tasked with optimizing the performance of your downsized, lean workforce – achieving more productivity & profit from fewer employees. What is your organization’s plan?

From recent research pertaining to enhancing employee and organizational performance, we now know:

  • the few employee workplace needs that, when met, cause employees to be engaged and committed to their jobs and organizations – and therefore, willing to expend significant discretionary effort
  • these core needs are satisfied or not depending primarily upon the actions of each employee’s immediate supervisor; employees’ relationships with their managers are even more critical than most have thought
  • what managers of top performing work units do daily to satisfy these core needs; and these managerial approaches can be implemented by any manager willing to do so
  • the specific, positive productivity & profitability outcomes that occur as a result of the managerial approaches that satisfy these employee needs

Gallup has found that employees who responded positively to engagement questions worked in business units with:

  • 12% higher profitable
  • 12% higher customer satisfaction
  • 18% higher productivity
  • 27% less absenteeism
  • 51% less employee turnover
  • 62% fewer accidents

It is estimated:

  • that only about 30% of the employees in most organizations are engaged and committed to what their manager wants them to do; often since leaders are committed they assume that employees are as well
  • that actively disengaged employees cost U.S. employers hundreds of billions of dollars annually in lost productivity; there is a significant opportunity cost resulting from poor management.

We at The Focus Group are helping many of our clients implement the following approaches to enhance their levels of employee engagement, productivity and profitability:

  • surveying employees to determine their current state of engagement – for the organization as well as for each individual manager’s team
  • training managers in the techniques proven to motivate and bring out the best in employees
  • providing managers with practical, tools used by the most effective managers to enhance employee engagement
  • designing personalized, development plans for each manager
  • holding managers accountable for implementing those plans and continually improving their engagement scores

If we ever needed employees to be committed and accountable to their jobs, their manager and their organization, it is now. Any organization not proactively addressing employee engagement is ‘leaving a lot of money on the table’ – and who can afford that in this economy.



Mr. Pete Tosh

The Focus Group

Pete Tosh is Founder of The Focus Group, a management consulting firm assisting organizations in sustaining their profitable growth through the management of four[4] core disciplines: • Strategic Planning • Enhancing Customer Loyalty • Maximizing Leadership