Employment-Related Records

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November 12, 2012 — 2,474 views  
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Employment-Related Records

As a human resources professional there are a number of important elements of employee-related paperwork that one needs to keep up-to-date, as well as on file at all times. Employee data is an important part of the human resources process. This information is important in the hiring of employees as well as how you handle their termination or resignation. It is also an important means of keeping any information on file about disciplinary action taken against an employee that may be needed at some point and time in the future.

What follows are the most important elements of employee-related data that one needs to keep on file and as current as possible.

Hiring Notes

These are the notes that are taken by human resource professionals and others who sit in on the interviews of potential employees. This information is important as it provides a look at the applicant's key skills and qualifications and, if hired, provides the rationale and documentation that led to such hire. This information is to be maintained at all times.


It is important that all aspects of employee discipline are recorded and maintained current in said individual's file. Any instances of harassment or instances of behavior against the rules that resulted in some sort of warning or written warning need to be fully documented and kept in the file at all times. Employee discipline is an important part of an HR professional's job. These notes make it easy to see, at a glance, the employee's disciplinary history.

Termination or Resignation Notes

If the employee is to retire or be terminated, there are a number of key pieces of paperwork that most businesses require to stay in compliance with fair business and labor laws. All aspects of documentation that led to the terminated or resignation or retirement of the employee need to be maintained even after the employee is gone.

These bits of information comprise an employee's file. They are used in the hiring and firing process and are also important in any disciplinary processes that a human resources professional might need to engage in. Proper record keeping makes following policy and protocol far simpler. These employment-related documents are vital to keeping up to date with the goings on of one's office as well as staying in compliance with various organizations and governmental reporting regulations. As a human resource specialist, keeping this documentation current and easily accessible is part and parcel to the job.


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