5 Employee Communication Tips

April 13, 2012 — 2,705 views  
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In the corporate world, there is nothing more important than employee communication. If workers cannot speak clearly to one another, there is no chance that any long-term project will be completed. As a manger, it is your responsibility to facilitate proper communication, and there are a few tips you can follow to ensure optimal employee productivity.

1.) Analyze current communication methods - Every company has meetings, teleconferences and other designated communication events. If your phones, computers and microphones are not getting the point across, it may be time to upgrade to newer technology.

2.) Facilitate small group discussions - During meetings, individuals can get lost in large groups. In order to encourage suggestions from quieter employees, form small teams that will speak with one another. These should not be larger than five people.

3.) Allow open expression of personal opinions - Remember, your office is not an establishment where people have to ask before speaking freely. You should do everything in your power to encourage the sharing of opinions, and even something as simple as a comment box may help.

4.) Take a personal interest in employee affairs - As a manager, you should hold the trust of anyone underneath you. Your employees should feel free to come to you for professional and personal advice, but you need to take the initiative and periodically check in on them from time to time.

5.) Make it fun - Departments who communicate the best should be rewarded with simple promotional products of something like a free ice cream day. These gifts will be greatly appreciated, and can provide a little extra motivation when necessary.