Tips for Solving Workplace Disputes

April 6, 2012 — 2,587 views  
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Among the many lessons you may learn in life is that not everyone can get along. You could be friends with two of the nicest people in the world, but they may abhor one another to the degree that they cannot be in the same room. Unfortunately, these situations may exist in an office or professional setting, but as a manager there are a few steps you can take to help solve workplace disputes.

The majority of problems in the workplace come from a lack of communication, and in order to rectify a conflict an open forum must be mediated where both parties can speak freely. You should avoid "refereeing" the individuals or parties in question and instead let them clear their heads. Most of the time, this immediately identifies the moment when communication broke down.

A few things you should not do include ignoring the situation, passing it on to other people or making an uninformed decision. These actions are disrespectful of the people who are looking to you for guidance. Even a simple discussion can be a positive experience for conflicted workers.