Responding to Negative Employee Comments on the Web

March 30, 2012 — 3,088 views  
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The internet has become an influential part of everyday life, and people socialize regularly on websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, annoyed employees have the potential to harm the success of their employers when they fail to adhere to proper online conduct etiquette. When negative employee comments show up online, whether on Facebook, Twitter or public blogs, it is the job of HR to handle the concern effectively.

The best way to prevent online employee outbursts in the future is by implementing a strict policy in the workplace. Professionals may be unaware of how the internet can work against their job security, and employers who educate them through proper guidelines may help prevent unfortunate situations in the future. For example, stating clearly that negative tweets or posts about the company is strongly discouraged may not deter people from posting comments, but it will indicate that the company is actively managing its online presence and will notice any posts made by workers on popular social media networks.

Unfortunately, negative feedback occurs and there are several laws protecting employees in these circumstances. Instead of responding retroactively, a business may want to meet with the angry employee and seek to reach common ground. It is possible that the professional feels he or she is being unappreciated, and a quick discussion or performance review may help facilitate a quick resolution.

There are numerous ways to react to negative feedback online, but taking the high road and acting in a civil manner is often the best route to take.