Planning Your Holiday Party: Keys to a Celebration Without Litigation

March 9, 2012 — 2,311 views  
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Throughout the fiscal year, employers organize and hold company-wide parties to celebrate accomplishments and the holidays. However, while these events are meant to help employees relieve some of their stress, the gatherings can get out of control, introducing inappropriate behavior into the workplace. When planing a holiday party, it is important for employers to consider liability when making the appropriate arrangements.

It is inevitable that employers will question the idea of including alcohol at a company party. While providing workers with their favorite beverages can help loosen the tension and create a relaxing atmosphere, there are potentially negative consequences. In order to serve liquor and avoid liability issues, employers may want to encourage workers to rent hotel rooms for the night or set up a taxi program to make sure no employee is arrested for drunk driving.

In addition to preventing auto accidents, business owners need to address the issue of religious differences. The holidays are when people come together and celebrate their unique beliefs. While not every person follows the same religion, the way people are treated by one another should be similar. In order to avoid liability claims made in regard to religious discrimination, employers may want to ensure workers are properly supervised to avoid any instances where words could potentially progress into offensive slang.