Attention Given to Employee Motivation is Vital

Sherri Yeary
November 8, 2011 — 2,301 views  
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Good morale around the workplace is vital for a business success, if it is lacking then upper management needs to consider how to enrich employee motivation. Employees will not be as motivated, productive or creative if their morale is low. Keeping employees happy through positive motivation results in a successful business.

The employee's motivation will increase if the level of efficiency increases. An employee requires not only qualifications and skills, they need to be happy where they are at. The employee not only needs to be able to do the job but they should be willing also. Productivity won't increase, efficiency won't improve nor will it be cost effective if you do not focus on motivating the employees.

To be positively motivating your employees will result in goals of the organization being met. Being goal directed will help your employees to improve their performance because they will feel as if they have a purpose. The "top dogs" of the workplace should also be motivated if they are going to bolster employee motivation. When the boss is seen working at the level of his or her employers that shows productivity and it will encourage employees to do the same.         

It is understandable that the workplace isn't always a positive place, trying to meet deadlines and waiting on other employees so the morale can be low. A motivational plan is needed for employees and the owner can make one. Strategies for motivation can be used and some examples are handing out bonuses, incentives, promotions and more. Incentives can be reduced also, this is something management will talk about.

Employees should get some type of praise consistently; months should not go by before it is done. Every month things such as ordering lunch for the workplace should be done, keep it simple. If the business has too many employees then another alternative is to award one employee every month to receive something special. People will work harder at their jobs if there is something in return such as bonuses!

A company with happy employees will do better because they feel like giving more to their jobs. The performance of the employee will decrease if their work goes unnoticed or they feel unappreciated. When a company decides to enhance employee motivation and keep employees happy, it will surely strive.


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