Control Annoying Co-Workers Instead of Allowing Them to Control You!

Herb Burns
May 3, 2011 — 2,593 views  
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Many people feel helpless when working with annoying and meddling co-workers and staff. Company policies and rules just don't seem to work in our favor when there are people on the job who constantly seem to get away with violating our rights. Whether it's making false claims about our work ethic and job performance, or being spoke to in a disrespectful manner. Experiences like this are humiliating, stressful and worst of all can following you home and destroy your personal life. I know how it is I have been there many times. But there is a way to gain power and maintain your dignity. When people on the job try to belittle others the first thing you have to bring to mind, is that they feel a sense of insecurity. This also includes those who are in administrative and executive positions they are not exempt from feelings of insecurity. The second point to remember is that these insecure people assume you have no power and are helpless. The third and most important point is when you allow yourself to fall into a state of depression and hopelessness your oppressor has won. And worst of all you will not advance on the job or grow as a person. In circumstances like this science has proven unless you take measures to counteract poisonous suggestions from insecure co-workers you will start to believe and act upon their destructive comments. At this point you might be saying to yourself that will never happen to me. If you are saying this to yourself, do yourself a favor. Take a good look at those on your job who have been the butt end of toxic comments and I guaranteed that these people have low self-esteem and are stuck in a dead end position. And more importantly than this, reflect on your own life ask yourself are you where you would like to be, and be honest with yourself.

The first step in counteracting destructive suggestions is to take control of your mind. The first reaction is to become angry when we are disrespected and we feel there is no way to seek justice on the job. But you must gain control over the way you emotionally receive these comments in order to gain leverage over the situation, small minded people and more importantly  yourself. Make a list of all the positive attributes you have. I know you have some everyone does. Say them to yourself with faith and confidence in your abilities.

This is not about thinking positive this is projecting positive thought backed with emotional feelings. Science has proven that thought is energy which materializes into physical form. Therefore by using this method you are developing a strong personality which cannot fall victim to destructive criticism. Feel good about yourself. The psychology behind this method is simply this. When someone tells you something whether it's good or bad your outer awareness sends these messages to your inner mind. Your inner mind absorbs all information. Once your inner mind accepts this information you will physically act upon it. This is a scientific proven fact. Science also tells us it is best to make these suggestions to yourself at night before bed and in the morning when you wake up. This is when the inner mind is alive and most receptive to any suggestions.

Another thing to remember when making suggestions to yourself is to reject emotions of fear, anxiety, worry, doubt and fear. These auto-suggestion statements will guard you against destructive comments and put you in a frame of mind of unshakable peace, confidence and security. You might be asking to yourself what about learning social interaction skills to protect myself and maintain my dignity at work. Don't worry I will cover these topics in up-coming articles. I am covering this topic first because it is essential for you to gain control over your mind and emotional intelligence because if you don't small minded people will control it for you. I do not want you to be the victim of your own anger, fear, doubts and feelings of low-esteem. These are the deadly horseman which if not checked will drive you into disgrace and poverty. If this method does not work immediately do not become discouraged. It will take time but with patience and persistence you will start to see positive results.  Other people will begin to notice the change especially those who are determine to disrespect you. At this point you have inner power and strength emerging from your character and then they will begin to respect your new found source of strength.

Herb Burns

The Addison Agency

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Being raised in an extended family environment I was fortunate to have many uncles who were male role models. As a young adult I decided to pass this legacy along to those who were not as fortunate. The journey began teaching in E. Cleveland. Most of my experience was teaching in an alternative learning environment. A significant number of these students were involved in gang activity. So, I assumed the role of a mentor more than a teacher. I eventually decided to channel my mentoring skills which I acquired over the years into the area of public speaking.