Train Your Employees to Handle Any Kind of Workplace Emergencies - Part II

James Parker
April 5, 2011 — 2,587 views  
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Emergency evacuation procedures need to be part of every safety training program. Safety concerns for a workplace are highly critical, and in an emergency situation the employees must react without hesitation in order to avoid losses. They need to know where to go and who to report to. Fires and earthquakes can cause panic, so employees need to be well schooled on the basics. The less they have to think, the faster they can respond.

An ERP must have an emergency exit route, evacuation steps, and method of alerting the other persons about the emergency situation.
Members of ERT must have the training of how to use a fire extinguisher, how to cut out the supply of oxygen, and they must know First Aid and CPR. First Aid/CPR training is mandated by OSHA. Training your employees to handle life threatening situations demonstrates that you believe in their capabilities, and care about their personal welfare. This goes far beyond the employer's obligation to provide the basic safety training, and becomes an integral part of a safe and healthy company or organization.

Additional safeguards, such as having clear and wide pathways, emergency doors and equipment, and building maps increase the chances of successful evacuations. Every safety training on emergency evacuation procedures should include a practice drill, either carried out at the time of the training, or within days. A training session to review the results of the drill should be part of the training. Stressing the importance of getting every employee safely evacuated in the time of an emergency is positive for the morale of the employee, and beneficial to the well being of the company.


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