Train Your Employees to Handle Any Kind of Workplace Emergencies - Part I

James Parker
February 22, 2011 — 2,561 views  
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In every organization the top most responsibility of the employer is to provide a safe and sound workplace to its employees and to have security in case of emergency at the workplace. Are your employees trained adequately to respond to an emergency?  What will they do when a fire breaks out? It is the duty of the employer to hire safety professionals for the training of his/her employees concerning how to respond in an emergency situation, and this training should be an ongoing process. No matter how this situation arises, your staff needs to know how to behave in each and every situation.  

The following three steps are vital in order to have a well-organized and trained team of workers who can respond in an emergency:

The initial step is to set up a chain of command. The selected workers to lead the emergency response are the first line of defense for the emergency in your workplace and they follow the command of the team coordinator. The duties of team coordinator are to assess the situation and decide if the situation is serious enough to require emergency procedures.

The duties of the Emergency Response Team Coordinator (ERTC) include the evacuation of the workers and commanding the Emergency Response Procedures (ERP's), ensuring that the appropriate emergency services are contacted. He/she can also order to shutdown workplace operations if deemed necessary. Sometimes, it is required because the damage or the severity level may be quite higher. In such cases, where workplace is congested and movement of the staff and apparatus becomes difficult the immediate shutdown of workplace operations and ERTC is mandatory. However, it is only possible if employees are provided with such safety training and precautionary procedures to handle emergencies situations.

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