Do You Have a Dress Code Policy?

Sherry Krueger
October 5, 2010 — 2,438 views  
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What is your dress code policy?  Do you have one?  Having a dress code policy is important for some employees, it becomes a constant problem and this can affect the overall image of your practice.  Instead of a policy that is detailed and specific, try to make it more about the overall image of your practice.  Do you work for a pediatrician, maybe a surgeon, or does your particular doctor have a distinct personality that you would like to portray?
If you have a pediatric practice, obviously you would want to have a bright and friendly environment and a surgeon's office would want a more professional image.  The image of your practice is defined not only by how your employees interact with the public, but also how they look, dress and carry themselves.  To get the cooperation you need, you will have to make it everyone's goal and a priority to build the image you want to portray.  You can always have a casual day, maybe on Friday, to be a little more flexible and let your employees show some individuality.  If they realize that how they dress or present themselves at work is how everyone sees their practice - and if the employees start looking at the practice like it's "their" practice - you will have a lot more cooperation and that will help you get the results you want in no time.
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Sherry Krueger