Top Five Recruiting Mistakes - How to Avoid the Traps of a Tightening Market

Julie Escobar
September 21, 2010 — 2,687 views  
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1. Lowering Your Standards.  Desperate times should not call for desperate measures.  When you get into the business of taking bodies, or the "ANY body will do mentality" you lose credibility in the market which attracts top talent, and run a high risk of greater attrition in your office.  Take yourself out of the "hire ten agents to keep two" mindset.  Raise your standards and remember like attracts like.  If you want top producing agents, high-energy candidates and ready-to-roll recruits, make sure that you, your staff and your current agent population embodies those traits as well.  Showcase the talent of your current agents through a series of ads that spotlight their accomplishments.  This encourages results from your existing staff and sends the message to agents in your community that you respect, acknowledge and appreciate the agents who work for you. 

2. Not Having a Plan.  Too many brokers and managers go into recruiting mode without a plan in place as to how they will sell against the competition.  Know in advance what differentiates you from the other companies in your marketplace.  What do you have to offer that they do not?  What tools do you have to share?  How will you help that recruit reach their goals in the shortest time with the highest return and the least headaches?  List your attributes against those of your competitors and know in advance how you will sell those qualities.  Once you have a grasp on your company profile, begin to implement a plan which will put you in touch and keep you in touch with those individuals you would like to bring on board.  This will also help you cement relationships with your current staff.  We offer our BusinessBASETM system for Brokers as a free download from our website,  This system is rooted in the results-oriented foundation of sphere-of-influence marketing.  It is the best way to establish solid relationships with new and existing agents.  Used faithfully, we guarantee you will hire SIX EXTRA recruits in the next twelve months! 

3. Making a Bad First Impression.  What is the first thing your recruit will see upon entering your office?  If it is dark or dirty with outdated furniture, six year old magazines and bears the distinct odor of stale coffee and old cigarettes, chances are the ace agents will keep you at bay.  However if you present yourself with a nice reception area, clean and friendly environment, upscale publications and updated technology, your candidate will know you are in the business of staying in business and more likely to consider your office one they would feel comfortable calling their own. 

4. Not Having Multiple Systems in Place. You may have always been good at one thing.  You may be socially animated and great at drawing people into conversations.  You may have always relied on your 30 years in the business foundation or capitalized on a great centralized location.  In today's quickly changing market however, the smart recruiter puts multiple systems in place to insure a constant stream of recruiting interviews.  From the passive drip marketing direct mail campaigns to the more aggressive guerilla techniques, be sure you know how and when to be flexible so that you can meet the needs of a shifting market.   Career Conference calls are a great median for allowing agents to glean necessary information in a less formal environment.  Support Call Marketing is another effective tool for those recruits who are "sitting on the fence."  Just as you would assist one of your associates with a tough buyer or seller situation, support call marketing allows them to do the same for you.  Agents who have had a prior transaction or relationship with your potential recruit are asked to follow up with a testimonial type phone call to assure the recruit that yours is an office that not only helps agents meet their goals, but provides the systems, solutions and training necessary to excel in every market condition.

5. Failing to Future-Pace Agents.  Sometimes, especially in a tough market, agents get stuck in the rut of the here and now.  The experienced manager knows to paint a brighter future for his or her prospective associate. Have the ability to show them where you are now, but more importantly, where you are growing and what that growth will mean to their future and their career.  Show them how, with your help and direction, they can build their book of business to the point where they can sell it when and if they choose to.  We have a unique solution that beautifully illustrates this process.  We suggest managers print a wide variety of ads, flyers, brochures, and postcards with their recruit's photograph and contact information, as well as their own company logo before their recruiting interview.  Have them nicely displayed in their conference room upon the agent's arrival.   Recruits are usually thrilled by this method of impact communication.  It shows the broker is ready, willing and more than able to help that agent succeed by providing a variety of collateral material, backed by solid support which will help agents see their growth and income potential and look beyond their fear of changing offices. 

Every market provides recruiting challenges and obstacles.  Keeping in tune with those changes as well constantly refining your systems, strategies and tools will help your marketing campaigns stay fresh, consistent and timely.  Keep in mind that the best modern skill in the sales industry today is the ability to rapidly learn on an ongoing basis.  On any given day or night you can browse the internet and download tips and techniques from industry experts such as Floyd Wickman, Tom Hopkins, Bill Barrett and more.  It has never been easier to succeed.  I wish you great success!

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