How to Be Resilient During Tough Times

Nancy Stampahar
April 23, 2010 — 2,035 views  
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Tough times happen for everyone.  They are unavoidable at work and home.  As a result of the changes and demands being experienced, the stress from tough times can take a toll on our body, mind and emotions, which ultimately affects our work and life performances.  How you respond to your circumstances determines how well you will bounce back to a better place.

Resilient People:

1.  Determine what situations are worth worrying about and which are not by differentiating between what is controllable and what is uncontrollable.

2.  Analyze situations to look for ways to solve problems.

3.  Create action plans, goals, seek help and delegate.

4.  Leave work problems at work and personal problems at home.

5.  Find a good listener to talk about what they are going through.

6.  Take breaks for fun and relaxation.

7.  Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

8.  Laugh at themselves and find humor in tough circumstances.

9.  List the positive outcomes and lessons learned.

10.  Believe that this too shall pass.

 When you experience and embrace difficult times, you can become more resilient, more empathic, stronger and eventually, happier. Staying worried, confused and afraid will leave you paralyzed, complacent, miserable and accepting of the status quo. Accepting the status quo gives people and organizations the opportunity to fall behind. You need to find the courage to face your fears, to move yourself forward and to feel your desire to grow.  With your determination and focus, as well as effort and time, your tough circumstances will get easier to manage. You are the one and only person responsible for making yourself bounce back and get happy.

Nancy Stampahar


Nancy Stampahar inspires people into action with her enthusiasm and lemons to lemonade wisdom and expertise. She is the author of the 2009 IPPY Award winning self-help, inspirational book, peace, love and lemonade: a recipe to make your life sweeter and a sought-after organizational development consultant, trainer and speaker. Nancy solely owns and directs her business Silver Lining Solutions. She earned her BSBA in human resource management from Robert Morris University, after she decided to make lemonade. She received the 2009 Joe Ott Award from ACHIEVA, which serves people with disabilities in recognition of outstanding vision, volunteer leadership and generosity of spirit.