Employee Performance Accountability - Do Your Employees Know What is Expected of Them?

Chris Young
June 30, 2009 — 3,457 views  
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Do your employee team members know what is expected of them day-to-day in order to create success?  Or are your employee team members doing only what they think needs to be done?

Chances are they do and they do not know what is expected of them.  They likely know about the tactical tasks that need to be completed, but may not be completing and thinking about the strategic tasks.

One can increase the potential for employee performance maximization.  Employee performance  seems to be a bit of a mystery, but it really should not be. 

Following are five critical elements that are key to the success of any employees's future Job Performance.  They include:

  1. Benchmark the Job and Match the Best Possible Talent to the Position.  When you put the right employee team member in the right seat on the "bus", they are more likely to know what they need to be doing without being told.

  2. Employee Job Expectations - Ensure the employee team member knows what is expected of them.  Do not assume the employee team member knows what they need to be doing.  Review job and performance expectations regularly.  Annual performance evaluations are not adequate by themselves.  Weekly to at least once monthly one-on-ones are necessary to ensure the employee team member is on the right track as much as possible.

  3. Employee Performance Accountability - Hold the employee team member accountable for meeting and exceed Job Expectations.

  4. Employee Coaching - Coach for improved performance.

  5. Talent Management - Succession Plan - Understand what the employee team member is capable of and build their skills for future talent needs.

One of the best ways to ensure the employee team member knows what is expected of them is to create an employee performance score card. Through employee performance score carding, employee team members will have a daily and weekly way to ensure they are on the right track. 

The most effective and simplest employee score card is a weekly reporting of what was accomplished, key projects, key concerns, and what will be addressed in the next week and month.  Every employee team member - regardless of position should be submitting a weekly report to a manager.

What gets measured improves.

One might argue, "Checking up on an employee team member's tasks is low trust."  I respectfully disagree.  If you and the employee team member are truly interested in maximizing performance and their future - it is critical that you and your employee team member are ALWAYS on the same page.

Now go Maximize Possibility!

Chris Young


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