Hot Chocolate....It's What Employees Are Looking For!

Brian Beck PHR, MHROD
March 3, 2009 — 2,027 views  
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Picture if you will earlier in the's cold outside.  The fire is roaring in your home.  You've got your favorite blanket, the remote and an awesome program is on TV.  What more could make the evening more complete?  Hot chocolate!  Crank out a nice cup and heck; even add more whip cream this time.  Who is counting calories when it is as cold as it is anyway?  How does that hot chocolate make you feel?  I'll bet it makes you feel warm, cozy, fulfilled and satisfied, all while offering a sense of "awwwwww, this feels great.", adding booze doesn't count.

Let's take that hot chocolate feeling into the workforce. Why can't our employees feel the same way?  Is it possible in 21st century management to "hot chocolate" our team members and staff?  Absolutely it is!  Hot chocolate is soothing.....managers can be as well.  Hot chocolate is warm and inviting.....managers can be as well.  Hot chocolate can relax us and really open up experiences to our day.....managers can as well.  21st century management techniques must include these kinds of practices.  Generation X and Y are in great need of feeling the flow of hot chocolate. 

So, how does a manager offer this kind of service to their employees?  Respect, Recognition and Communication.  These three words are my personal "management mantra."  Surrender to the will of your staff managers!  They know you're ultimately in control and accountable for your departments and they respect that.  However, they don't need to be told that in any particular manner during the day.  Show your team through actions that you care.  Listen to them, engage them, inspire them, love them, get involved in their lives so you know who they are/what they're all about, hug them with your actions....I can guarantee that if managed well, these actions will dramatically decrease your turnover, for people leave managers, not organizations.  Remember as well; we're in a retention crisis, not a recruitment crisis. 

Serve the daily hot chocolate.  Maybe even two cups a day!  Employees will not turn away, even when they and their skills sets are being recruited.  Engaged people simply don't leave companies.  Look over your turnover numbers and ask yourself just one question...."is it time for a hot chocolate?"

Brian Beck PHR, MHROD


Brian J. Beck, PHR, M.H.R.O.D., has worked in the human resources field for over 15 years, focusing on recruitment/retention, HR strategic planning, organization and leadership development.