Successful Change Management Tips

Nancy Stampahar
February 5, 2009 — 1,896 views  
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Every organization and every individual must have change to survive and prosper. Change at work improves processes and increases a competitive advantage. Change in your personal world expands your opportunities to be authentically happy and to live a really great life.  When you decide to resist change, you can become stuck and complacent, and you will most likely lag behind.  When you decide to embrace change, you can become happier, and you will most likely advance.

Below are best practices to help you implement organizational change and to help you cope with personal change.

5 Tips to Implement Organizational Change

  1. Determine what core values are needed to carry out your vision.  Then, develop the behaviors that model them.
  2. Be proactive by developing business and next-step initiatives during the times of operating well.
  3. Create an empowered and collaborative culture to develop high-performance teams.
  4. Practice slow-to-hire and quick-to-fire recruitment and retention practices.
  5. Execute and monitor initiatives to maintain their implementation.

5 Tips to Cope with Personal Change

  1. Acknowledge what is no longer going to happen and what you are giving up because of your circumstance.
  2. Express and differentiate between your realistic and unrealistic fears.
  3. Realize that it is okay to ask for help and that you do not have all the answers. There really isn't a superman or superwoman in the real world.
  4. Think positively and have hope. Believe that you will get through this chapter in your life with time.
  5. Take a break and do something fun.

Change and adversity will happen. How we react and adapt to our challenging times; and more importantly, how we bounce back afterwards will determine our future.  When we stay worried, confused and afraid of the unknowns for too long, we will remain paralyzed, complacent and accepting of the status quo. When we learn and apply effective coping techniques, we can bounce back stronger with greater hope.

Nancy Stampahar


Nancy Stampahar inspires people into action with her enthusiasm and lemons to lemonade wisdom and expertise. She is the author of the 2009 IPPY Award winning self-help, inspirational book, peace, love and lemonade: a recipe to make your life sweeter and a sought-after organizational development consultant, trainer and speaker. Nancy solely owns and directs her business Silver Lining Solutions. She earned her BSBA in human resource management from Robert Morris University, after she decided to make lemonade. She received the 2009 Joe Ott Award from ACHIEVA, which serves people with disabilities in recognition of outstanding vision, volunteer leadership and generosity of spirit.