ER visits decline under CDHP

Andy Malinoski
June 21, 2007 — 1,807 views  
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It is possible to provide great coverage for your employees and keep the cost of benefits under control. A health plan that is designed to inform, motivate and engage employees in their own care can help you manage expenses — without sacrificing quality of care. A recent study in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows how. The JAMA study explored how a switch from a traditional plan to a consumer-driven health plan affected ER usage for nearly 9,000 patients. Findings included a 25% reduction in repeat ER visits. The reduction was largely due to a decrease in visits for minor medical conditions like colds, nausea and headaches, which could be more efficiently treated in less intensive clinical settings. A Vested Health client, a large hospital group, experienced even more impressive results with their consumer-driven health plan: ER visits were reduced by 50% year-over-year.

Andy Malinoski

Vested Health

Andy Malinoski is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Vested Health. Joining Vested Health in January 2006, Malinoski is an advocate for consumer-driven plans based on real life experience with health care benefits professionally as an employer and personally as a father of three children. Andy oversees the account management, media relations and educational material development key to providing consumers information about how their health plan works and the benefits available to them through their Vested Health plan.