Survey Shows Health Insurance Premiums Continue To Rise Twice As Fast As Wages

Andy Malinoski
October 31, 2006 — 1,685 views  
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This annual survey provides some useful insight into trends, cost increases and how consumer-driven health care has become a viable option for many employers. We have all seen the main message point from the study regarding the rate of increase of health insurance premiums rising twice as fast as wages. Now more than ever, employers and employees need relief and a plan to address future cost increases. The study can be found at Also note a Chart Pack available to help with your presentations located here: One key Consumer-Driven point from the study: "Among firms offering benefits but not currently offering an HSA qualified HDHP, 4% say that they are very likely and an additional 19% say that they are somewhat likely to offer one in the next year. Employer interest in HDHP/HRAs is comparable." You should at least consider a consumer-driven plan to address employee engagement and cost control.

Andy Malinoski

Vested Health

Andy Malinoski is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Vested Health. Joining Vested Health in January 2006, Malinoski is an advocate for consumer-driven plans based on real life experience with health care benefits professionally as an employer and personally as a father of three children. Andy oversees the account management, media relations and educational material development key to providing consumers information about how their health plan works and the benefits available to them through their Vested Health plan.