300 Benefit Managers

Andy Malinoski
June 14, 2006 — 1,776 views  
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Last week I attended a benefits conference in Chicago with more than three hundred benefit managers from all over the United States representing a variety of industries. The experience I had there was refreshing. The average group size of the employers at the conference was well over 1,500 employees. Me an my colleagues met people looking for a solution to the rising health care costs they have faced over the past few years. We met people that understand the need to move to a properly structured consumer-driven health care plan. We networked with leaders who realize that they must get ahead of the curve and change now so that they can create a solution that will help them deal with the future cost increases that they will face. The educational sessions at this conference that were attended by the most people focused on consumer-driven health care and wellness initiatives that address problems before claims are submitted. This is a message to you about the reality that employers are meeting about, interested in and talking about consumer-driven health plan solutions that will bring them cost controls, wellness and health awareness solutions in combination with the administration of their health accounts. We saw the future of health care at the conference and it is pretty exciting to be in the middle of the conversation.

Andy Malinoski

Vested Health

Andy Malinoski is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Vested Health. Joining Vested Health in January 2006, Malinoski is an advocate for consumer-driven plans based on real life experience with health care benefits professionally as an employer and personally as a father of three children. Andy oversees the account management, media relations and educational material development key to providing consumers information about how their health plan works and the benefits available to them through their Vested Health plan.